Personal Leadership

The Innov8 Trilogy

In Innov8, we subscribe to the Humanistic Theory that, it is every individual’s nature to have that conscious desire to develop itself to reach its highest potential.

Thus, every individual is basically good and is motivated to improve.

The Innov8 premier personal mastery program, the Trilogy, aims to empower individuals, to enhance their well-being, and to propel people and organizations to reach their highest potential.

Step 1


Foundations of
Leadership Excellence

Step 2


Leadership Course

Step 3


Leadership Excellence
Achievement Program


8th Intensive

The Innov8 Methodology

The programs are delivered through proven highly effective experiential learning approach, utilizing the inductive process that is accepted to be most powerful for adults in ensuring retention and effectivity.

The training framework is based on accepted theories of Behavior and Attitudinal Modification, including Awareness and Sensitivity Training for enhancing emotional quotient (EQ).

Highly competent and respected facilitators and coaches do processing of experiences during the exercises in order to get a deeper understanding of self and others.