Learning Series

One of the offerings of Innov8 is the Learning Series aimed at helping individuals expand and continue with their personal development, exposing them under different comprehensive capability building programs. 

Subject matter experts and practitioners, who bring in a wide range of insight and experience into the practice, run these programs.

Some of the programs under
the Learning Series are the following:

Some of the programs under the Learning Series are the following:

Transformational Coaching

A 2-day course on being a design catalyst by understanding human-centered design – a design and management framework that creatively develops solutions by involving the human perspective in all steps of the problem-solving process

Marketing Excellence
by Design

A 2-day course that explores your systems thinking mindset – your personal framework for a systems approach to business and enterprise leadership

Digital Marketing Hacks For Small Businesses

A one-day training on how to get leads and customers using Digital Marketing


A one-day workshop on the benefits of meditation and the different techniques to start and sustain a regular meditation practice, using a language that demystifies the concept of meditation into a grounded, science-based approach

Personal Branding

A 2-part workshop, showcasing the relevance of building a strong identity in the Experience Age, facilitating the establishment and expansion of one’s sphere of influence and professional marketability